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Crafty Capers

Having successfully been run for a number of years. Held annually, for usually a week in the school holidays, Beacon Arts Crafty Capers workshops teach mainly children real craft skills working with real tools to boost self esteem and encourage young people to find their own artistic expression. Not only youngsters though, any age is very welcome to come along and have a go at rekindling their inner creative spark. All at a very low cost with materials included.

An added bonus! - allowing children to get messy, to experiment and try lots of materials so parents don't have to wipe paint and glitter off every surface in the house. We encourage recycling and upcycling for fancy dress, carnival costumes and Halloween.

Local crafty, sewing and creative residents give their time for the week to help facilitate the fun that is Crafty Capers. Not forgetting the other volunteers who help transport the enormous amount of Beacon Arts equipment to the venue, tidy up afterwards, make endless cups of tea and if we’re very lucky, provide cake! Without their amazing and longstanding help the charity wouldn’t be able to provide these much loved workshops.

Very little ones and even very big ones can just come along, have a creative brainstorm and go home again with their artwork.